2019 Double Edge Nutrition Challenge

2019 Double Edge Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Details

This is the 2019 Double Edge Nutrition Challenge.


Daily Goals


Health Eating

1. Eat Healthy - 4 Possible Points
  • 3 Points - Perfect day, no cheats
  • 2 Points - Minor Slip (Poor desert choice at one meal)
  • 1 Points - Major Slip (Entire meal was a poor choice)
  • 0 Points - More than one cheat!

Sleep Well!

You slept 8 hours.
  • 1 point


No Alcohol!

You said no to all alcohol all day.
  • 2 points

Did you attend group class?

Complete a Double Edge WOD.
  • 2 points

"On the weekends you can do something active outside to count your points"


Weigh, Measure, Log

Award yourself if you weighed, measured and logged all your food today.
  • 2 Points if logged every meal and snack during the day.
  • 1 point for 2 out of 3 meals during the day. 

Completion Based Goals


Burpees for Fitness

You must complete the 1400 burpees in the 8-week window. 

Row Challenge

As an individual complete 12,000 meters on the Concept2 Rower. 

Challenge Workout Details

The following is the benchmark workout that the 2019 Double Edge Nutrition Challenge is using to gauge your overall improvement at the end of the challenge.

2019 DE Nutrition Challenge WOD

12 Minute Amrap    
21- Lateral Burpees
15- Box Jumps 24/20 
9-Deadlift 135/95}
Initial Workout Dates:
Jan. 7, 2019-March 10, 2019
Final Workout Dates:
Feb. 25, 2019-March 10, 2019


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Challenge Info:

2019 Double Edge Nutrition Challenge

Dates: Jan. 7, 2019 - March 1, 2019

Reg Deadline: Jan. 11, 2019

Participant Standings

Registration: $199.00

Reg Deadline Passed